Find out why our Ballstretcher Steel Donut are perfect for people who want high performance and a design object

Steel Donut is a love story created through frustration from not being able to wear every day of the year a Ballstretcher, without pain or pinching. As an engineer, I tried to see how I could improve the object of all my desires.

A new technology for an exceptional piece
High quality, High accuracy 0.01 mm

Switzerland is recognized worldwide for its machinery and expertise in making high precision parts. The result of this work gives a Ballstretcher that fits perfectly. Once the object is closed, you will feel that it is one piece.

Soft touch and effective for a prolonged stretch of the scrotum

Its round design, with no angle, gives a soft, silky hand. No more pinching of the skin that can create real pain. The elongation phase is a long process. Wear Ballstretcher quality results in improved results much faster.



This Ballstretcher shaped donut is very ergonomic, flared ends offer maximum comfort. The closure consists of a screw and a pin placed in a precise manner so that the assembly of two parts is perfect. Finally, the Ballstretcher SteelDonut is hand finished to an exceptional finish. Our products are not chromed, single polishing metal and the expert hand of man makes the room bright and soft to the touch.

High precision & Swiss quality
Material : Stainless Steel Medical (1.4305)
Comes with an Allen key

Ballstretcher Steeldonut in its packaging

3 sizes available:
Inner diameter: : 35 mm
Height and weight : 20 mm (200gr) ; 30 mm (400 gr) ; 40 mm (600 gr)

Ballstretcher Steeldonut, 3 sizes available

Price models: 20 mm high 128.00 Visit our shop now !
  30 mm high 135.00
  40 mm high 142.00

The price is higher than a conventional model sold in stores but the quality is really the appointment. If you like to wear a Ballstretcher, you will not be disappointed with your investment because it is a perfect piece.

2012 Novamedia, Switzerland